Week One– Artist Interview: Brittany Mojo

Artist Interview: CSULB Art Gallery– GLAMFA 2014 (August 31st to September 4th, 2014)

Artist Name: Brittany Mojo (UCLA) “Always be Knolling”

As a child development major in CSULB, I found this particular piece most interesting for many reasons. Not only was this piece “out of the box” in literal form, since it wasn’t on a canvas nor metaphorical form, since it isn’t a piece once would normally view at an art gallery (well at least not the one’s I have gone to). I felt more at home with Brittany’s piece because of the way she worked with her art. The soft easy eye view of the bold potted plant, to me is the main focus of “Always be knolling” since it is physically dominant over the rest of the piece. I admire the way Brittany used a white plank to fade into the wall, to create a scene as if the plant were floating on it’s own. She also used a detailed cloth to hang it over the white plank to create more of an illusion. The way Brittany presented this piece made me touch my imagination and made me think as if I were already in my future school setting with young children. The way she sets each item besides another can me thought of chaos, however, she makes her piece so organized and the result just flows and compliments one another. For instance, how she uses the play with colors like: electric blue, rusted orange, and the colors of nature.Her use of sting is also interesting to me, since she uses  her piece to bring the eyes attention to a horizontal motion, rather than a typical horizontal motion. Her use of canvas, is nor portrayed in my photo, but I appreciate how she went above and beyond to collaborate with other concrete items to tell a story. For me, “Always be Knolling”, is a life lesson that teaches even though things may seem difficult and complicated (the strings in knots under the canvas) when you keep striving for what you believe in and just keep trying, things just seem to flow (the horizontal lines of items). And at the end of the day, the dreams that we tried to achieve will be accomplished and bloom (the green potted flower).  All in all, I take Brittany’s piece and message as an inspiring message for daily life and future.


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