Week Two: Instagram Post Activity

For week two we had a ‘Instagram Day”, for twenty four hours we had to take a minimum of four pictures throughout our day. Many of the pictures were similar although there were some differences. Yes, we are somewhat of a crowd that would classify under “Youth” and yes, we share similarities ‘with going out’, doing what’s trendy (going to Starbucks), and eating some new foods (macaroons). However, we are distinct people with our own lives that beat at their own rhythm. I post here two photo’s that relate to my text, the first being:

Art 110 First Photo "Giant Group Selfie"

Art 110 First Photo “Giant Group Selfie”

A photo of the painted arts of an artist displayed inside the FCS building in CSULB campus. This helps my explanation of how we relate since wee physically are on the same campus and share a like for art.

Just as in this picture also shares these similarities:

Art 110 Second Photo "Giant Group Selfie"

Art 110 Second Photo “Giant Group Selfie”

Just as I stated saying we as a youth ‘go out’ however, this also helps with my claim that we are different since I went to the orange outlets and others spent their day differently (not even thinking of going there or ever going in general). I noticed some religious related posts, music related, media, concrete items (backpacks, legs, cars..etc), and driving! (which isn’t such a smart idea but whatever. We all have different mindsets and different ways of expressing ourselves. So, even though we may be surrounded by the same things and maybe fed by the same media, at the end of the day, we are all are own current that showers our own rhythm. 


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