Week Three: Artist Interview- Tricia E. Rangel

CAM01220 CAM01221

Meeting Tricia was a great experience, since this was my first actual interview an  artist. I felt like the artwork not only had a voice symbolically, but also, physically. I asked her what message she was trying to convey to her audience, and her answer was that she wasn’t really set focused to one message. She expressed how each piece had it’s own message and meaning. She shared with me that her wire piece with shapes and the shaped dirt piece were the same voice. Also, her chain piece symbolized all the deceased people of the graveyard and in them was one golden loop which signified a special person.


She also mentioned that the dirt she used with each piece was brought from a different places that she cared most about. I found it interesting that she made her exhibitions pieces in the actual exhibition. She also shared with me that she would be taring it down by the end of the day and she didn’t mind it because she recycles the dirt to keep making the art pieces.



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