Week Four: Artist Interview – Scott Burns

Compulsively Absurd, Impulsively Ridiculous

20140918_111658 IMG_20140921_090050

                 Scott’s art work seemed the most interesting to me because of his use of ceramics. I asked him why he used this medium and he mentioned his love towards clay and he especially liked carving into dry clay. As he waited for people to interview him, he was shaping out designs in his dry clay. He stated that the colors of the glaze he used were in no particular desire, he just like the way they looked on his work. His exaggeration’s in his art pieces were in a result of a friends advice. He mentioned that his friend that recently passed critiqued his work to be plain and boring. So in his honor, Scott chose to make some body part’s in exaggerated portions rather than normal sized portions. He said that there was no real message he was trying to convey however, he did mention a psychological feel for his work.


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