Week Four: Classmate Conversation – Anna Joy Floresca

Anna Joy Floresca


  •  First Year at CSULB
  • Nursing Major
  • Went to Paramount High School
  • Coast 103.5
  • Alternative Music

Anna and had a pleasant conversation about herself and how she likes the class so far. She shared with me that her favorite art piece was from the artist Jeannette Viveros. We also discussed what her favorite music genre was and we found out that we share the same taste in music, which is alternative. However, she enjoys listening to coast 103.5 while I listen to ALT 98.7 the most. We do share a liking in 106.7 KROQ and we talked about the Coldplay concert that happened on wednesday the 17th. She is friends with Diana MArtinez, who is a person who I had done a classmate conversation as well. I feel like Anna has a great positive energy and has a bubbly personality. I feel Anna is a very creative person and I am glad I got to have a chance to talk to her.


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