Week Five: Classmate Conversation – Kim Tang

Kim Tang


  • Second year at CSULB
  • Nursing Major
  • Lives on her own
  • From Vietnam
  • Works at School

When Kim first told me she was a nursing major I was very interested. I informed her that my mom is a nurse as well. She told me that not only did she want to be a nurse but she specifically had one goal in mind, to be an RN. An RN is short for a registered nurse. In her home country nurses are not seen in the brightest light, so her parents were not so happy to hear that Kim was taking this road for her career. However, one she informed them about how wonderful this career choice is and how difficult it actually is, they had a change of heart. I did not know much about, this major, so it was nice learning about how the system works. Kim shared with me that it is a difficult field of study, since not only one needs a former GPA but in this situation, it is accompanied by a science GPA.

Since Kim and I both live on our own, we found each other very comfortable with conversing with one another. We both rambled on how high apartment prices are now a days! I shared with her a conversation I had with my aunt. When my aunt was younger her rent was 600/700 dollars…nothing compared to today. Kim and I both know how reality is since we both work and go to school. I feel that Kim is very fortunate in the fact that she has the opportunity to do work study.

Passion is what I saw and felt with Kim. Her strive for her field of study made me feel comfort in the fact that maybe one day I may have the opportunity to get a chance and have an RN like her treat me or my family one day. I am very fortunate to have had this conversation with her, I felt that we could have talked all day. I find Kim to be a really good and amazing student and person.


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