Week Seven: Artist Interview – Vanessa Gamboa and Daniel A. Rivera



          When one enters inside this gallery, to your left appears huge bold letters spelling out chrysalis and to the right, a video with two people looking into each others eyes. The center of the gallery consists of a pile of clothes (featured image above) and a bench where the viewer can comfortably watch the video. When I talked to Daniel (the artist), he informed me that he went to different locations such as a cemetery, the blue line, a bed room, and a friendship hall.He told me that the public’s reaction was mostly assuming that they were married. However, I really enjoyed the idea of the of chrysalis since I do believe one has those stages. I wished to have talked to Vanessa as well (also the artist) since I would have liked her opinion. I feel as though it is safe to assume that the pile of clothes were the one’s at the entrance. It was nice getting to ask Daniel questions though. This was the gallery that I enjoyed the most since I found it meaningful and the artist was actually there to talk to.


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