Week Seven: Classmate Interview – Allison Wendell

Allison Wendell


  • First Year in CSULB
  • Film Major
  • Lives in Huntington Beach
  • From North California
  • Enjoy’s Indie/ Rock music

Allison was great person to meet, I saw her sitting by the gallery and I felt comfortable enough to walk up to her and have a conversation. I had no idea she wasn’t from southern california since it seemed as though she was very familiar with everything. Little did I know, when I asked her what radio stations she liked to listen to, she told me that she wasn’t familiar with any radio stations here. She also told me that her birthday was coming up soon and so was her grandma’s. Her family was all going to come by southern california to celebrate her grandma’s 80th birthday but we were pretending that they were all uniting for her. Allison is a really amazing person, I felt very comfortable having a conversation with her since she was so friendly and had such an inviting personality. Little to say, she is currently in the top 10 in the class. It’s amazing to hear how she used to work in this company that hosted a type of “lego party” for children. Since I am a child development major, I wished to have that opportunity here in southern california. Over all, she seems like a really amazing person.


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