Week Nine: Artist Interview – Christine Hudson


Grief was Christine Hudson’s main focus, she is who everyone called the
“Tooth Artist”. She told me that she was working on a piece that involved a panda but a month later decided to work on this current piece that is up today. She decided to do this piece to express the sadness she feels for loosing her dear friend. She display’s on her statement that her friend passed away because of a suicide. I find that this piece is even more at heart because Christine formats her statement as if as though it were a letter she was going to send to her friend. Knowing that the highest suicide percent falls under trans* people, is sad not only because of the loss but because it could of been prevented. Many people in society still don’t understand that sex and gender are not the same thing. Just because one’s sex if female/ male does not mean that is what they identify with. Knowing that a gender marker is the reason people die, makes you really think of how cruel we can be and inconsiderate of others. I hope Christine’s friend rests in peace and will not be forgotten.
You can read her statement below:



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