Week Nine: Classmate Interview – Ariadna Rivera

Ariadna Rivera



  • Hospitality Management
  • Third year at CSULB
  • Wants to travel
  • Hotel owner \bed and breakfast
  • Saint Joseph high

Right away I felt very comfortable with Ariadna, I thought it was funny that we were both wearing the same thing. Also in similarity, we both are in our third year at CSULB and we are both loving this art 110 course. We don’t share the same major, since I am a Child Development major and she is a Hospitality major. However, I also find it funny that we both joined salsa club in our first year attending CSULB. Ariana dreams of one day owning a hotel or a bed and breakfast. I belive she will reach her goal because she seems to be very passionate about her desire of one day achieving her goal. She told me that she wants to travel around the world after graduating. After we interviewed one another we carried along to view the galleries together and discussed which one we would pick for our next post. Overall, I feel like Ariana is a really friendly, caring, intelligent, and and is a person who knows what she wants. It was really nice meeting her and I wouldn’t mind getting to know what else we have in common.


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