Week Ten: Artist Interview – Dana Fleming



                 As soon as walked into this exhibition, I couldn’t bear but to take a picture of this adorable piano! The colors made me reminisce about my favorite Disney movie, ‘The Little Mermaid’. Why? because the Ariel’s (the name of the little mermaid) scales somewhat resemble the rhinestone the artist used. It also reminded me of the time my boyfriend surprised me by playing a song on a grand piano, such as this one, however it was of a different color. There aren’t as many grand piano’s this color, which makes it unique. Talking about unique, I also couldn’t get my eyes off the artists vase. The outer surface was not only eye-catching with moderately loud colors, but the texture was the most mind-blowing. It seemed to have a light fuzz to it. It reminded me of the hangers I use in my closet. They have that light fuzz to control the shirts from falling. However, I’m pretty sure that was not the intention of the artist.

             Another thing I found interesting was the fact that the artist used different type of ‘stands’ for her pieces. She used this pole type figure wrapped with white rope. She also used this uniquely shaped white object with a molding pattern. It made me think of those fancy flower pots but painted white. I think they were white to blend into the background, as if to focus the viewer to the artist piece. But this was was more interesting with details, texture, and different figures.

           I can tell this artist had a very unique mind. In her statement she explains how much items are more than for their purpose. She doesn’t say this, but, after I read her statement and after I experienced her exhibition, it made me think even more of a question I have pondered about for a while. Well, it’s not so much a question but a statement. Every little thing is so complex, a remote control, per say, had rubber buttons, white inked labels, black plastic, electronic components…etc. Every single item one can imagine has several components. Yet, we simplify it to once task. The remote controls the television. One simple task, yet each item is so complex. I think Dana helps us simplify this to just view the item as something other than what it is supposed to be used as.


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