Week Eleven: Artist Interview – Romina Del Castillo

Shifting Focus

As soon as I walked into the gallery, I knew this was the gallery I wanted to write about. The way Romina uses black and white drawings and includes non dramatic colors in the right areas. She uses a lot of portrait like work. Most of her work is reflective with individuals with a serious face. She also adds dramatic events with the use of drawn “lighting” in her art. I found the two pieces below the most interesting because neither of these two people portrayed, are not looking forward.

unnamed h

I liked the picture to the left because I found that she did an excellent job portraying sadness. I chose the picture to the right because I felt like she was representing the honor of being a mother. I found the baby was really cute and I saw it as if you always your child first. I know that it has some sort of religious attachment since the thorn crown and the nun holding a bible. However, that is what I got from this and that is the beauty of art.Everyone has a different idea.


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