Week Twelve: Activity Feedback – Extra Credit

3 favorite activities this semester

  • Plaster Casting: I enjoyed this activity because it not only let us enjoy time at the beach, but we were being creative in a medium that is not commonly used in intro to art classes.
  • Instagram Activity: I enjoyed this activity because it let us involve our art class into a commercial web application that is popular amongst my generation.
  • Kikstarter Activity: I enjoyed this activity because it made me realize that people actually get supported by different causes and many reach their amazing goals.

3 least favorite activities this semester

  • Video About Me Blog:I did not enjoy this activity because surprisingly not everyone has a webcam or camera. Sure, the majority of us have smart phones with a camera but I felt that a project like this needed a nice camera quality with a good audio. That is not something I have. I also do not enjoy making vlogs or editing them.
  • Painting: I did not like this activity because we used spray paint. I was always told that the chemicals in spray paint are bad for one to breathe. I also do not like the idea of marking one’s name. I find it very different to see someone’s tagged name as an art piece. I would of rather liked to have seen something other than one’s name, if this activity follows in the future.
  • Teach One: I did not enjoy this activity because when I teach something to someone or a group of individuals, I like to be able to see them face to face to see where they would need more help. Not everyone learns the same way, so I do not really like this activity.

Any other feedback on the class

This class was a perfect fit for me and I am very glad that I decided to take this course. This was an easy, fun, and useful class. Also, maybe asking the students if it is okay to post their videos or photos on the main website.

What could make the class better?

This class could be improved with lectures. When we meet on the given days and have our ‘lecture time’ I felt that too many videos were shown. Sometimes a series of videos can be tiresome. Same as just talking. Too much talking without videos is equally tiresome. So, an equal balance of the two would be ideal.


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