Week Twelve: Activity – Teach One

Editing a Picture on Micorsoft Word Starter 2010


First step listed above.


Second step listed above: there are various options onto how to get an image onto Microsoft Word, however, I prefer to save the image in the memory because it can be easily accessed if needed for future references.


Third step listed above: One the photo has been uploaded onto the software, one must take note of two key details. First, if the image has been selected, if selected one can take note by the indicators around the photo. Second, ONLY if the photo is selected a new tab will appear to allow one to discover more photo settings.


step four is listed above: Now once the picture tab is open, one can discover many settings and options. I have color coordinated for easier understanding. Red is an option to take away the photo’s background. For example, if I wished to take away the blue sky off of my photo. The Green option allows one to change the density of the photo. For example, if one wanted to make the photo appear more darker or lighter. The Yellow section allows the user to make any ‘filter’ type modifications to the photo. For example, if I wanted to make my photo of the plane look as if I had drawn it by hand, This option would be ideal. The lighter green options, have a similar artistic like feel. For example if, one wanted to add a border or change the way the picture size appeared or wanted to go back to default settings. The purple options are for the location of the photo. Where the user would like to place the photo. For example, if I wanted my picture of my plane to have text in front, I would select this option. I would select to send my photo to the background and I would freely be able to type over my photo. Lastly, the purple option, is specifically for cropping. If one wanted to adjust the size of the photo by deleting a section, this would be idea.


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