Week Twelve: Artist Interview – Angie Samblotte & Lacy McCune

Taking my Time in the Paradigm

centro espera pan papel pino

I really enjoyed this particular exhibition because it made me feel as if though I ironically stepped into natures room. The piece that amazed my sight was the piece that carried actual pine cones above drawn/sketched images of pine cones. Such a simple black and white imagery on paper yet in actual life it is more of a dark brown color. The drawn images are displayed in a straight horizontal line, yet the pine cones are displayed in a wave above the drawn images. The artist uses a lot of nature like figures and objects to express life in the wilderness. I also take note of the heavy repetition in boxed/ framed pieces. The use of display in waves and horizontal displayed are also repeated. In one corner the artist sets up a room like setting with wilderness still strongly presented with grass as the bottom base and frames of wood. The artist also used a mock like setting of what it appears to look like a waiting room setting. The potted plant was the ironic part of this piece since it carried both values equally represented. I felt that the potted plant made the piece an ironic balance and made the piece.

The center piece also caught my attention since it the only piece that has horizontal like lines and unique colors and light. I felt that it was relevant to the corner “waiting room” like piece that carried in one of the exhibition’s corner. With those two pieces combined, it made me think of a complete room. It made me imagine the bread piece as if it were relative and representative of a kitchen. The waves of sketched paper as a study or a library in the room. And finally my favorite pine cone piece as if it were a living room or the social room of the entire exhibition. All these pieces complimented each other and made the room feel as if it were natures melody.


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