Week Twelve: Classmate Interview – Bryanna Duckwitz



  • First year at CSULB
  • 19 years of age
  • Anaheim CA
  • Sorority
  • Country music

Most of the people I have interviewed this semester have been new freshman to CSULB. However, Bryanna was different, not only because she is 19 years of age, but because she is in a sorority. The sorority she is in is named: Delta gamma. She has always been involved with her school even in high school. When she was in high school, she was part of ASB and sports medicine. She also did some hip hop dancing while in high school and is into modern music. However, she really loves country music and love Taylor Swift’s new album. She is from Anaheim CA but dorms at CSULB in the parkside dorms. She has no favorite food but is currently enjoying the art 110 class. She told me that she decided to take art 110 because it was pert of her general education. Bryanna’s major is Kinesiology. She started off with Social work but she knew her heart was majoring in kinesiology. It was really great getting to meet and talk to Bryanna.


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