Week Thirteen: Artist Interview – Brittnee Forline



Since this class started, I have not seen any jewelry, especially such beautiful pieces like these. I am very girly and seeing this exhibition just fit my style perfectly. If all art museum’s had Brittnee’s pieces, I think I would have to visit all of them. That is how much I liked her work. She does such simplistic, yet at the same time, so complex details. Her work is really enjoyable.

teta crown

All her pieces were beautiful but my top three were the ones I took pictures of. I especially liked the crown piece she did. It complimented her work well and it was so nice on it’s own as well. If this were in the market, I would surely be a satisfied customer. Brittnee’s exhibit was set up differently, as if the “feel” for the exhibition changed from the others. When I stepped inside I felt that I was drawn to her pieces rather than feeling that the pieces were part of the room. She did an excellent job overall.


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