Week Fifteen: Artist Interview- Troy Rounseville


I really liked this exhibition since it incorporated instruments and I find that to be very unique. I am not as musically oriented as I wish I would be, since I have never played a musical instrument. However, I do appreciate the beauty of instruments because without them music would not be the same. With instruments, they are an art of themselves. They have their own mechanics behind the beautiful sounds they give off. Musicians use them to create music and work together to generate music. That alone is an art, this exhibition not only expressed that but I feel that these pieces express that beauty but even more because the instrument was not being utilized for its designated purpose. The artist not only used instruments, amplifiers were used as well. There is also beauty behind amplifiers since they help support music and sound. The use of amplifiers in this exhibition, to me, represented the essence of music, as if the pieces were blasting out sounds of art. These pieces were so simple but yet, when one thinks about it, behind all the mechanics and thought that was put in each single detail, it is no longer seen as simple. That is what is genius about this exhibition.


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