Week Fifteen: Classmate Interview- Abigail Garcia

Abigail Garcia


  • Second Year at CSULB
  • Psychology Major
  • Child Development Minor
  • Works on Campus
  • LA

Abigail at nineteen year’s of age, spends most of her time commuting from Los Angeles, where she lives to Cal State Long Beach. She is a Psychology major, which I found very interesting since I first wanted to become a Psychologist. She is also going to declare Child Development as her minor. We both share that passion to work with children. Abigail is a sophomore and actually works at our school library. This is the second student I have talked to that works on campus. She found out about the hiring experience when our school was hosting a job fair.  Abigail is not in a sorority but she is in Sigma Alpha Lamda which is an honors program that helps serve the community. She has done Relay for Life and want’s to participate in more programs that deal with ASL. I found that interesting since I have taken ASL classes. I feel that Abigail is a very kind, passionate, and ambitious person.


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