Week Eleven: Activity – Face Painting

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I am not a very artistic person, however, I do like to volunteer my time with children since my major is child development. Since this was an open activity, I felt as if though I should relate my major and something art based. I tried my best doing these face paintings. They aren’t perfect but at least I tried. My favorite baseball team is the Los Angeles Dodgers and since I was requested to design their logo, I tried a little extra hard to make that one look even better (shh!). It was fun doing this activity even though I didn’t face paint as fast as the other volunteers. However, at the end of the day, I hope I made these children happy.


Week Ten: Classmate Interview – Salina Chavez



  • Child Development Major
  • Works at YMCA
  • Pico Rivera
  • Went to El Rancho High
  • 7 Tattoo’s

When I met Salina, I thought it was funny that we are currently in the same child development class. She told me that she is a night person, that she loves going out at night on the weekends. So, I think she isn’t loving the fact that our class is in the morning haha. I found it really cool that we both are striving for the same goal. She is looking to be in the field of young children, just like me. She currently works at YMCA as a site director. She has 7 tattoo’s that are all oriented around her family. I find that very sweet of her to have those memory’s with her. She lives in pico rivera and went to El Rancho High. I asked her if she knew some people that I knew and she did the same. I felt very comfortable with Salina and hope to see her in either class soon!

Week Ten: Artist Interview – Dana Fleming



                 As soon as walked into this exhibition, I couldn’t bear but to take a picture of this adorable piano! The colors made me reminisce about my favorite Disney movie, ‘The Little Mermaid’. Why? because the Ariel’s (the name of the little mermaid) scales somewhat resemble the rhinestone the artist used. It also reminded me of the time my boyfriend surprised me by playing a song on a grand piano, such as this one, however it was of a different color. There aren’t as many grand piano’s this color, which makes it unique. Talking about unique, I also couldn’t get my eyes off the artists vase. The outer surface was not only eye-catching with moderately loud colors, but the texture was the most mind-blowing. It seemed to have a light fuzz to it. It reminded me of the hangers I use in my closet. They have that light fuzz to control the shirts from falling. However, I’m pretty sure that was not the intention of the artist.

             Another thing I found interesting was the fact that the artist used different type of ‘stands’ for her pieces. She used this pole type figure wrapped with white rope. She also used this uniquely shaped white object with a molding pattern. It made me think of those fancy flower pots but painted white. I think they were white to blend into the background, as if to focus the viewer to the artist piece. But this was was more interesting with details, texture, and different figures.

           I can tell this artist had a very unique mind. In her statement she explains how much items are more than for their purpose. She doesn’t say this, but, after I read her statement and after I experienced her exhibition, it made me think even more of a question I have pondered about for a while. Well, it’s not so much a question but a statement. Every little thing is so complex, a remote control, per say, had rubber buttons, white inked labels, black plastic, electronic components…etc. Every single item one can imagine has several components. Yet, we simplify it to once task. The remote controls the television. One simple task, yet each item is so complex. I think Dana helps us simplify this to just view the item as something other than what it is supposed to be used as.

Week Nine: Artist Interview – Christine Hudson


Grief was Christine Hudson’s main focus, she is who everyone called the
“Tooth Artist”. She told me that she was working on a piece that involved a panda but a month later decided to work on this current piece that is up today. She decided to do this piece to express the sadness she feels for loosing her dear friend. She display’s on her statement that her friend passed away because of a suicide. I find that this piece is even more at heart because Christine formats her statement as if as though it were a letter she was going to send to her friend. Knowing that the highest suicide percent falls under trans* people, is sad not only because of the loss but because it could of been prevented. Many people in society still don’t understand that sex and gender are not the same thing. Just because one’s sex if female/ male does not mean that is what they identify with. Knowing that a gender marker is the reason people die, makes you really think of how cruel we can be and inconsiderate of others. I hope Christine’s friend rests in peace and will not be forgotten.
You can read her statement below:


Week Nine: Classmate Interview – Ariadna Rivera

Ariadna Rivera



  • Hospitality Management
  • Third year at CSULB
  • Wants to travel
  • Hotel owner \bed and breakfast
  • Saint Joseph high

Right away I felt very comfortable with Ariadna, I thought it was funny that we were both wearing the same thing. Also in similarity, we both are in our third year at CSULB and we are both loving this art 110 course. We don’t share the same major, since I am a Child Development major and she is a Hospitality major. However, I also find it funny that we both joined salsa club in our first year attending CSULB. Ariana dreams of one day owning a hotel or a bed and breakfast. I belive she will reach her goal because she seems to be very passionate about her desire of one day achieving her goal. She told me that she wants to travel around the world after graduating. After we interviewed one another we carried along to view the galleries together and discussed which one we would pick for our next post. Overall, I feel like Ariana is a really friendly, caring, intelligent, and and is a person who knows what she wants. It was really nice meeting her and I wouldn’t mind getting to know what else we have in common.

Week Eight: Classmate Interview – CONNY RAMIREZ


  • Freshman at CSULB
  • Played Soccer
  • Major in Biology

The first thing I thought was interesting about Conny, was the fact that she was 17! I can not believe how lucky she is to be so young and in college. She has such a great advantage to graduate as such a young age. He brother is also attending CSULB and her younger sister, Lily, is in kindergarden. Her birthday is in November and says that her natural hair is really curly. My hair is wavy/ straight and I have always wanted to have curly hair. She told me that her family is from Puebla Mexico and currently live in paramount. Just as I she commutes to CSULB and is a very fun and interesting person. I loved getting a chance to get to know more about Conny.

Week Eight: Activity – ePortfolio

Old Profile




My audience would be people who would be interested in learning more about my passion, people who might be interested in hiring me, parents in need of more information about me and my profession and other people who need volunteers in child care.

The message I would like to communicate to my audience would be that my passion is fun! and change the stereotype that preschool is just a place to take children when parents are busy. Preschool is a very important era in life. It is the time that the child gets to experience a steady, social and independent scenery where they build their own and expand upon their cognitive and social skills.

I wish to achieve these goals by allowing the viewer to experience events that catered my passion, informing the audience about my educational steps, and by creating a fun environment as soon as my website loads.

Week Seven: Artist Interview – Vanessa Gamboa and Daniel A. Rivera



          When one enters inside this gallery, to your left appears huge bold letters spelling out chrysalis and to the right, a video with two people looking into each others eyes. The center of the gallery consists of a pile of clothes (featured image above) and a bench where the viewer can comfortably watch the video. When I talked to Daniel (the artist), he informed me that he went to different locations such as a cemetery, the blue line, a bed room, and a friendship hall.He told me that the public’s reaction was mostly assuming that they were married. However, I really enjoyed the idea of the of chrysalis since I do believe one has those stages. I wished to have talked to Vanessa as well (also the artist) since I would have liked her opinion. I feel as though it is safe to assume that the pile of clothes were the one’s at the entrance. It was nice getting to ask Daniel questions though. This was the gallery that I enjoyed the most since I found it meaningful and the artist was actually there to talk to.

Week Seven: Classmate Interview – Allison Wendell

Allison Wendell


  • First Year in CSULB
  • Film Major
  • Lives in Huntington Beach
  • From North California
  • Enjoy’s Indie/ Rock music

Allison was great person to meet, I saw her sitting by the gallery and I felt comfortable enough to walk up to her and have a conversation. I had no idea she wasn’t from southern california since it seemed as though she was very familiar with everything. Little did I know, when I asked her what radio stations she liked to listen to, she told me that she wasn’t familiar with any radio stations here. She also told me that her birthday was coming up soon and so was her grandma’s. Her family was all going to come by southern california to celebrate her grandma’s 80th birthday but we were pretending that they were all uniting for her. Allison is a really amazing person, I felt very comfortable having a conversation with her since she was so friendly and had such an inviting personality. Little to say, she is currently in the top 10 in the class. It’s amazing to hear how she used to work in this company that hosted a type of “lego party” for children. Since I am a child development major, I wished to have that opportunity here in southern california. Over all, she seems like a really amazing person.