Week Fifteen: Artist Interview- Troy Rounseville


I really liked this exhibition since it incorporated instruments and I find that to be very unique. I am not as musically oriented as I wish I would be, since I have never played a musical instrument. However, I do appreciate the beauty of instruments because without them music would not be the same. With instruments, they are an art of themselves. They have their own mechanics behind the beautiful sounds they give off. Musicians use them to create music and work together to generate music. That alone is an art, this exhibition not only expressed that but I feel that these pieces express that beauty but even more because the instrument was not being utilized for its designated purpose. The artist not only used instruments, amplifiers were used as well. There is also beauty behind amplifiers since they help support music and sound. The use of amplifiers in this exhibition, to me, represented the essence of music, as if the pieces were blasting out sounds of art. These pieces were so simple but yet, when one thinks about it, behind all the mechanics and thought that was put in each single detail, it is no longer seen as simple. That is what is genius about this exhibition.


Week Fifteen: Classmate Interview- Abigail Garcia

Abigail Garcia


  • Second Year at CSULB
  • Psychology Major
  • Child Development Minor
  • Works on Campus
  • LA

Abigail at nineteen year’s of age, spends most of her time commuting from Los Angeles, where she lives to Cal State Long Beach. She is a Psychology major, which I found very interesting since I first wanted to become a Psychologist. She is also going to declare Child Development as her minor. We both share that passion to work with children. Abigail is a sophomore and actually works at our school library. This is the second student I have talked to that works on campus. She found out about the hiring experience when our school was hosting a job fair.¬† Abigail is not in a sorority but she is in Sigma Alpha Lamda which is an honors program that helps serve the community. She has done Relay for Life and want’s to participate in more programs that deal with ASL. I found that interesting since I have taken ASL classes. I feel that Abigail is a very kind, passionate, and ambitious person.

Week Thirteen: Artist Interview – Brittnee Forline



Since this class started, I have not seen any jewelry, especially such beautiful pieces like these. I am very girly and seeing this exhibition just fit my style perfectly. If all art museum’s had Brittnee’s pieces, I think I would have to visit all of them. That is how much I liked her work. She does such simplistic, yet at the same time, so complex details. Her work is really enjoyable.

teta crown

All her pieces were beautiful but my top three were the ones I took pictures of. I especially liked the crown piece she did. It complimented her work well and it was so nice on it’s own as well. If this were in the market, I would surely be a satisfied customer. Brittnee’s exhibit was set up differently, as if the “feel” for the exhibition changed from the others. When I stepped inside I felt that I was drawn to her pieces rather than feeling that the pieces were part of the room. She did an excellent job overall.

Week Thirteen: Classmate Interview – Cheyenne Ochoa

Cheyenne Ochoa


  • First Year at CSULB
  • Centennial High
  • Film Major
  • Artistic Parents

Since Singing in the Rain is one of the best movies yet and also Cheyenne’s favorite movie, it’s easy to predict that she is a film major. Her artistic passion derives from her awesome mother and father who have raised her in a home of artistic talent. She was raised with classic films that inspired her like: Star Wars and X-files. despite the fact that she dorms, Cheyenne isn’t only grounded to CSULB, she has traveled around the world. She has gone to: Mexico, Greece, Tokyo, London and China. She told me that she loved London the most and would love to visit again. She enjoys listening to bands like The Rolling Stones and viewing black and white films with her best friend. It was really cool meeting Cheyenne and she even made me become interested to view a black and white film.

Week Twelve: Artist Interview – Angie Samblotte & Lacy McCune

Taking my Time in the Paradigm

centro espera pan papel pino

I really enjoyed this particular exhibition because it made me feel as if though I ironically stepped into natures room. The piece that amazed my sight was the piece that carried actual pine cones above drawn/sketched images of pine cones. Such a simple black and white imagery on paper yet in actual life it is more of a dark brown color. The drawn images are displayed in a straight horizontal line, yet the pine cones are displayed in a wave above the drawn images. The artist uses a lot of nature like figures and objects to express life in the wilderness. I also take note of the heavy repetition in boxed/ framed pieces. The use of display in waves and horizontal displayed are also repeated. In one corner the artist sets up a room like setting with wilderness still strongly presented with grass as the bottom base and frames of wood. The artist also used a mock like setting of what it appears to look like a waiting room setting. The potted plant was the ironic part of this piece since it carried both values equally represented. I felt that the potted plant made the piece an ironic balance and made the piece.

The center piece also caught my attention since it the only piece that has horizontal like lines and unique colors and light. I felt that it was relevant to the corner “waiting room” like piece that carried in one of the exhibition’s corner. With those two pieces combined, it made me think of a complete room. It made me imagine the bread piece as if it were relative and representative of a kitchen. The waves of sketched paper as a study or a library in the room. And finally my favorite pine cone piece as if it were a living room or the social room of the entire exhibition. All these pieces complimented each other and made the room feel as if it were natures melody.

Week Twelve: Classmate Interview – Bryanna Duckwitz



  • First year at CSULB
  • 19 years of age
  • Anaheim CA
  • Sorority
  • Country music

Most of the people I have interviewed this semester have been new freshman to CSULB. However, Bryanna was different, not only because she is 19 years of age, but because she is in a sorority. The sorority she is in is named: Delta gamma. She has always been involved with her school even in high school. When she was in high school, she was part of ASB and sports medicine. She also did some hip hop dancing while in high school and is into modern music. However, she really loves country music and love Taylor Swift’s new album. She is from Anaheim CA but dorms at CSULB in the parkside dorms. She has no favorite food but is currently enjoying the art 110 class. She told me that she decided to take art 110 because it was pert of her general education. Bryanna’s major is Kinesiology. She started off with Social work but she knew her heart was majoring in kinesiology. It was really great getting to meet and talk to Bryanna.

Week Twelve: Activity Feedback – Extra Credit

3 favorite activities this semester

  • Plaster Casting: I enjoyed this activity because it not only let us enjoy time at the beach, but we were being creative in a medium that is not commonly used in intro to art classes.
  • Instagram Activity: I enjoyed this activity because it let us involve our art class into a commercial web application that is popular amongst my generation.
  • Kikstarter Activity: I enjoyed this activity because it made me realize that people actually get supported by different causes and many reach their amazing goals.

3 least favorite activities this semester

  • Video About Me Blog:I did not enjoy this activity because surprisingly not everyone has a webcam or camera. Sure, the majority of us have smart phones with a camera but I felt that a project like this needed a nice camera quality with a good audio. That is not something I have. I also do not enjoy making vlogs or editing them.
  • Painting: I did not like this activity because we used spray paint. I was always told that the chemicals in spray paint are bad for one to breathe. I also do not like the idea of marking one’s name. I find it very different to see someone’s tagged name as an art piece. I would of rather liked to have seen something other than one’s name, if this activity follows in the future.
  • Teach One: I did not enjoy this activity because when I teach something to someone or a group of individuals, I like to be able to see them face to face to see where they would need more help. Not everyone learns the same way, so I do not really like this activity.

Any other feedback on the class

This class was a perfect fit for me and I am very glad that I decided to take this course. This was an easy, fun, and useful class. Also, maybe asking the students if it is okay to post their videos or photos on the main website.

What could make the class better?

This class could be improved with lectures. When we meet on the given days and have our ‘lecture time’ I felt that too many videos were shown. Sometimes a series of videos can be tiresome. Same as just talking. Too much talking without videos is equally tiresome. So, an equal balance of the two would be ideal.

Week Eleven: Classmate Interview – Diana Garcia

  • First Year a CSULB
  • Anaheim
  • Psychology Major
  • Loves Books

Finding out that Diana’s favorite place to go to was really cool because it is the same place me and my boyfriend used to meet at. Her favorite place is Barns and Noble. She loves to read, she has read all the harry potter books. Even though she hasn’t fully decided if she will stick to majoring in psychology (since she hasn’t really taken any courses on that subject yet), she is thinking¬† of exploring more of the human development and is also thinking of adding art as a minor. She has never traveled outside of the country and she is an only child. Learning about Diana was really interesting and I felt like she was very family oriented and a really nice girl. You can learn more about her by visiting her blog:


p.s. I love her sketchbook tab, it’s really nice work.

Week Eleven: Artist Interview – Romina Del Castillo

Shifting Focus

As soon as I walked into the gallery, I knew this was the gallery I wanted to write about. The way Romina uses black and white drawings and includes non dramatic colors in the right areas. She uses a lot of portrait like work. Most of her work is reflective with individuals with a serious face. She also adds dramatic events with the use of drawn “lighting” in her art. I found the two pieces below the most interesting because neither of these two people portrayed, are not looking forward.

unnamed h

I liked the picture to the left because I found that she did an excellent job portraying sadness. I chose the picture to the right because I felt like she was representing the honor of being a mother. I found the baby was really cute and I saw it as if you always your child first. I know that it has some sort of religious attachment since the thorn crown and the nun holding a bible. However, that is what I got from this and that is the beauty of art.Everyone has a different idea.

Week Ten: Classmate Interview – Salina Chavez



  • Child Development Major
  • Works at YMCA
  • Pico Rivera
  • Went to El Rancho High
  • 7 Tattoo’s

When I met Salina, I thought it was funny that we are currently in the same child development class. She told me that she is a night person, that she loves going out at night on the weekends. So, I think she isn’t loving the fact that our class is in the morning haha. I found it really cool that we both are striving for the same goal. She is looking to be in the field of young children, just like me. She currently works at YMCA as a site director. She has 7 tattoo’s that are all oriented around her family. I find that very sweet of her to have those memory’s with her. She lives in pico rivera and went to El Rancho High. I asked her if she knew some people that I knew and she did the same. I felt very comfortable with Salina and hope to see her in either class soon!