Week Fifteen: Classmate Interview- Abigail Garcia

Abigail Garcia


  • Second Year at CSULB
  • Psychology Major
  • Child Development Minor
  • Works on Campus
  • LA

Abigail at nineteen year’s of age, spends most of her time commuting from Los Angeles, where she lives to Cal State Long Beach. She is a Psychology major, which I found very interesting since I first wanted to become a Psychologist. She is also going to declare Child Development as her minor. We both share that passion to work with children. Abigail is a sophomore and actually works at our school library. This is the second student I have talked to that works on campus. She found out about the hiring experience when our school was hosting a job fair.  Abigail is not in a sorority but she is in Sigma Alpha Lamda which is an honors program that helps serve the community. She has done Relay for Life and want’s to participate in more programs that deal with ASL. I found that interesting since I have taken ASL classes. I feel that Abigail is a very kind, passionate, and ambitious person.


Week Thirteen: Classmate Interview – Cheyenne Ochoa

Cheyenne Ochoa


  • First Year at CSULB
  • Centennial High
  • Film Major
  • Artistic Parents

Since Singing in the Rain is one of the best movies yet and also Cheyenne’s favorite movie, it’s easy to predict that she is a film major. Her artistic passion derives from her awesome mother and father who have raised her in a home of artistic talent. She was raised with classic films that inspired her like: Star Wars and X-files. despite the fact that she dorms, Cheyenne isn’t only grounded to CSULB, she has traveled around the world. She has gone to: Mexico, Greece, Tokyo, London and China. She told me that she loved London the most and would love to visit again. She enjoys listening to bands like The Rolling Stones and viewing black and white films with her best friend. It was really cool meeting Cheyenne and she even made me become interested to view a black and white film.

Week Eleven: Classmate Interview – Diana Garcia

  • First Year a CSULB
  • Anaheim
  • Psychology Major
  • Loves Books

Finding out that Diana’s favorite place to go to was really cool because it is the same place me and my boyfriend used to meet at. Her favorite place is Barns and Noble. She loves to read, she has read all the harry potter books. Even though she hasn’t fully decided if she will stick to majoring in psychology (since she hasn’t really taken any courses on that subject yet), she is thinking  of exploring more of the human development and is also thinking of adding art as a minor. She has never traveled outside of the country and she is an only child. Learning about Diana was really interesting and I felt like she was very family oriented and a really nice girl. You can learn more about her by visiting her blog:


p.s. I love her sketchbook tab, it’s really nice work.

Week Ten: Classmate Interview – Salina Chavez



  • Child Development Major
  • Works at YMCA
  • Pico Rivera
  • Went to El Rancho High
  • 7 Tattoo’s

When I met Salina, I thought it was funny that we are currently in the same child development class. She told me that she is a night person, that she loves going out at night on the weekends. So, I think she isn’t loving the fact that our class is in the morning haha. I found it really cool that we both are striving for the same goal. She is looking to be in the field of young children, just like me. She currently works at YMCA as a site director. She has 7 tattoo’s that are all oriented around her family. I find that very sweet of her to have those memory’s with her. She lives in pico rivera and went to El Rancho High. I asked her if she knew some people that I knew and she did the same. I felt very comfortable with Salina and hope to see her in either class soon!

Week Nine: Classmate Interview – Ariadna Rivera

Ariadna Rivera



  • Hospitality Management
  • Third year at CSULB
  • Wants to travel
  • Hotel owner \bed and breakfast
  • Saint Joseph high

Right away I felt very comfortable with Ariadna, I thought it was funny that we were both wearing the same thing. Also in similarity, we both are in our third year at CSULB and we are both loving this art 110 course. We don’t share the same major, since I am a Child Development major and she is a Hospitality major. However, I also find it funny that we both joined salsa club in our first year attending CSULB. Ariana dreams of one day owning a hotel or a bed and breakfast. I belive she will reach her goal because she seems to be very passionate about her desire of one day achieving her goal. She told me that she wants to travel around the world after graduating. After we interviewed one another we carried along to view the galleries together and discussed which one we would pick for our next post. Overall, I feel like Ariana is a really friendly, caring, intelligent, and and is a person who knows what she wants. It was really nice meeting her and I wouldn’t mind getting to know what else we have in common.

Week Eight: Classmate Interview – CONNY RAMIREZ


  • Freshman at CSULB
  • Played Soccer
  • Major in Biology

The first thing I thought was interesting about Conny, was the fact that she was 17! I can not believe how lucky she is to be so young and in college. She has such a great advantage to graduate as such a young age. He brother is also attending CSULB and her younger sister, Lily, is in kindergarden. Her birthday is in November and says that her natural hair is really curly. My hair is wavy/ straight and I have always wanted to have curly hair. She told me that her family is from Puebla Mexico and currently live in paramount. Just as I she commutes to CSULB and is a very fun and interesting person. I loved getting a chance to get to know more about Conny.

Week Four: Classmate Conversation – Anna Joy Floresca

Anna Joy Floresca


  •  First Year at CSULB
  • Nursing Major
  • Went to Paramount High School
  • Coast 103.5
  • Alternative Music

Anna and had a pleasant conversation about herself and how she likes the class so far. She shared with me that her favorite art piece was from the artist Jeannette Viveros. We also discussed what her favorite music genre was and we found out that we share the same taste in music, which is alternative. However, she enjoys listening to coast 103.5 while I listen to ALT 98.7 the most. We do share a liking in 106.7 KROQ and we talked about the Coldplay concert that happened on wednesday the 17th. She is friends with Diana MArtinez, who is a person who I had done a classmate conversation as well. I feel like Anna has a great positive energy and has a bubbly personality. I feel Anna is a very creative person and I am glad I got to have a chance to talk to her.

Week Three: Classmate Conversation – Destiny Zuniga

  • Undeclared Major
  • Third Year at CSULB
  • Currently Working at Lil Caesars Pizza
  • Enjoying Art110

Destiny and I had known each other from a previous class we took Spring 2013 for history course. We were delighted to find out that we were in the same art class. We talked about our personal lives and caught up on the months we had not conversed. We discussed the jobs we had and told me that she recently received a promotion. We went together to converse with the artist, Tricia E. Rangel, and got our information for our assignment. It was nice conversing with my friend again.


Week Two: Classmate Conversation- Diana Martinez


  • Marketing Major
  • First Year at CSULB
  • Enjoys art
  • Owns a personal blog with friend
  • Went to Paramount High School

Gallery at CSULB by Pilar Gallego

We talked about how her experience in CSULB has been so far. My classmate mentioned that she was a “lost freshman” but was still enjoying her experience very well. I asked her what her favorite piece at the gallery was and she right away mentioned that her favorite piece was by Pilar Gallego expressing the ‘headless James Franco’ (if you may). She mentioned that not many people would be able to interpret that headless body belonged to Mr.Franco, however she knew right away. Yes, she was correct in that matter because until she mentioned it, I had no clue. However, I connected the pieces after. It was a great conversation I had with Diana and I feel that she is passionate about school and in life in general.

Week One- Classmate Conversation: Amber Reyes

Amber Reyes is the classmate that I interviewed.  She is a second year student at CSULB and her major is Sociology. We were discussing a particular art piece in the gallery. The piece we focused on was “Who Do You Worship?” by  April Bey. We discussed what message the artist was trying to portray. Amber said that she felt that today in age people have a sense of ‘worship’ towards celebrities and this piece by April expressed how society is now lured by influences that are repetitively advertised by the media. Overall, I feel that my classmate was a well rounded person who is not afraid to encounter obstacles in life and is a dedicated student.